Ten reasons you should fall in love with Bridal Robes

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It’s not difficult to fall in love with any Wedding really! I remember being in the midst of planning and different ideas were presented throughout the journey. Funnily enough, the best ones seem to come at the end when your budget is screaming stop! Now if I could plan my Wedding all over again I would bring Bridal Robes a lot higher up in the planning list and here are Ten reasons why! Straight in at reason one well this is simple you HAVE got to get Bridal robes for your big day! Not only is it the latest Wedding must have but they have a list of hidden positives. I am not joking with you, Something as simple as a wedding robe could have so many good things that I class it as one of my best purchases for my entire wedding. Like what you are thinking how can they be THAT good? First off the opportunity to gift something back to your girls. Your wing girls, girl power, solidarity, after all, we are TEAM BRIDE. Not only is it a Wedding it is now a military operation of precision planning.

Shopping in a unicorn nightie?

Reason two now this one was perhaps an 8th or 9th reason but soon moved up! So the morning of your wedding has arrived no matter where you are staying at home in a hotel or wherever there will be a flurry of activity. Prosecco and breakfast are flowing. Bridesmaids are giddy with excitement. The photographer has arrived for your getting ready photos and the dream team of makeup artists and hair stylists are waiting to work wonders. Now, what will you be wearing? Old pyjamas a scruffy top? So how will that look in your photos? That’s exactly how my Bridesmaid put it to me, on one of our girly nights in. Also looking down sat in my unicorn nightie I realised that this was something we needed to fix. I mean I can’t exactly be seen in this! (HaHa)

What was your name?

So knowing I need some wedding morning clothing we hit the town and the web. I was overwhelmed by how many options there were. I mean I literally could have had an entire new Bride to be wardrobe for the last 18 months! Anyway, we soon found some Wedding Robes that were perfect. The colour options suited my theme (Blush pink) and I even got to choose my personalisation colour and wording. Furthermore, we opted to add everyone’s names. Yes, they have met but some of the girls only met once. So no awkward chats not remembering who is who! So totally reason three, #notawkward

Sexy satin or nah?

So on the hunt for Personalised Wedding Robes, we came across a number of materials. Cotton was the first. We liked the cotton robes they were super soft and felt nice and lightweight. Then we were offered a slightly different cotton but this time it had a lace trim. Fitting with my theme these were a strong contender. And so we were about to go with the cotton lace trim robes when I spotted the satin robes! Now I just love satin. It feels amazing to wear so comfy and looks nice as well.  However, these did not have the lace trim. Stuck in a world of wedding indecisiveness, Yes that is a thing! I was torn. The vintage lace trim cotton or the Satin Bridal robes? And then it was like a lightbulb moment a related product! Could it be? Is that a Satin Lace Trim Robe? I clicked with anticipation and waited eagerly for the page to load… It was! I won’t lie I actually squealed with excitement and could not wait to add it to my basket. Reason four satin is a girl’s best friend! But cotton can be too.

Don’t mess your hair up!

If you don’t hear this a million times your not at the morning of your wedding. Even that little voice in your head is screaming mind your hair! So we opted for the Bridal Robes (yes the blush pink ones) oh and did I mention Satin lace trim? To go with the robes we also ordered a complete set of matching Team Bride pyjamas (more on this in another blog). Time was ticking by, I was getting married at 2pm it was now 11am. The hair and makeup girls were working wonders and it was all taking shape. A delivery of wedding flowers had arrived and a swarm of butterflies somehow got in my belly. #nervous #excited Before my hair was started I slipped off to the bathroom and sorted my bridal lingerie. Threw my pyjama bottoms back on and of course, covered up with my bridal robe! Back in the room, the photographer is snapping photos of everything. I sat and sipped prosecco whilst my transformation was completed. It’s time my sister (also the chief bridesmaid) said. Yep time to get in that dress! Now, this is a major reason we chose Bridal robes. Kimono style open front easy tie belt. Say no more they were easy to put on and even easier to take off. Wish I could say the same about the dress! So reason five sits firmly with me as a no-brainer for ease of getting ready.

Does my bum look big in this?

In total my Team Bride consisted of three Bridesmaids a Chief Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom and a Flower Girl. Not forgetting the amazing MUA’s!! Before we got into our dresses we were directed to get some getting ready photos with our wedding robes. We lined up me in the middle and my squad either side. This is one of my favourite photos of them all together. Paranoid as ever one of my Bridesmaids shouted: “does my bum look big in this” reassured by the photographer that it did not she actually passed comment on how flattering they were. Reason 6 feeling comfortable on your wedding day is paramount. The last thing you want is to be hot and stressed. #lookinggood

Honeymoon Vibes

So my wedding robes have been through it all and then some. I even packed it for the Honeymoon. We left that early I was tempted to wear it to the Airport but my Husband (yep still getting used to that) said no! Lounging in our hotel room this robe was perfect. Not only was it comfortable but it also in an instant brought me right back to getting ready. It is like having a comfort blanket of sorts. Something that helped you through without knowing. Yes, it seems mad it is only a robe, But until you experience it you won’t know.

That picture…

It seemed like forever had passed waiting for the photos to be ready. But eventually, they arrived! We spent an entire evening reliving our day but from a different perspective. It was magical photos I never knew existed. The moments were captured perfectly. My getting ready photos looked amazing candid shots of my bride squad getting ready. Laughing and smiling feeling relaxed. My now husband even commented that we looked to be having such fun getting ready. Apparently, he was stressed, hot and emotional… Should have got him some robes! And so a range of photos have become our favourites along with some of the Bridal robe photos. My mother in law has one in her hallway of us all getting ready! Bridal Robes, Not only perfect for getting ready in but create a lasting memory. #priceless #wouldnotchangeitfortheworld

Have you washed that yet?

Cheeky madam my sister! She was over for our usual girly night in and I threw on my Bride Robe and guess what she still had hers! Chatting and relaxing she suddenly said: “have you washed that yet?” haha, of course, I have (reluctantly by the way) it had my favourite perfume on it which I recently ran out of. Oh I have not washed mine, she secretly was worried it would not wash well but they do no problem at all just make sure you follow the instructions or wash them on a low temp and hang dry you will be fine. I hope I am still wearing my wedding robe when were at our diamond wedding anniversary!

My Final Thoughts

Going through the journey that is planning a wedding has made me more organised. I urge you to get your checklists and make sure you have Bridal robes somewhere (near the top) or at least on your list! They will make you comfy, relaxed and photographic on the morning of your wedding. And last you for years to come as a memory or keepsake not only for you but for your Girls as well. Find the right colour, material and personalisation for your big day and get them ordered. Good luck on your wedding journeys I hope they are magical xx

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