Wedding Threads are looking for account Re-Sellers throughout the UK and Ireland if you are interested in becoming a re-seller for Wedding Threads then complete the form below;

What is a Re-Seller?

You might already have a shop premises related to the wedding/clothing industry and would like to expand your product range or alternatively you might need some extra income working from home at hours that suit you! A re-seller has access to a library of our stock images along with direct access to our marketing department for any help, you are then able to sell our products using your own route to market this might be Social media portals like Facebook or Twitter, you might attend local wedding shows and community events you will be issued with a unique discount code for ordering through us.

In simple steps the process works as follows:

  1. You market and advertise our products
  2. A customer purchases some items from you
  3. You place the order through us using your account
  4. We create and deliver the items directly to your customer

It is as simple as that the more items you sell the more money you make. Periodically we have special promotions you will get first choice on the promotional stock before it is advertised on the wedding threads website to try and increase your sales.

As you are a re-seller you would not be employed by Wedding Threads and declaring your earnings will be your responsibility to the government and relevant agencies.

Terms and Conditions of a Re-Seller

By agreeing to becoming a re-seller you agree to keep all information strictly private, any information found to be distributed without permission will result in your account being closed without notice.

We reserve the right to terminate your account should any misuse occur ie; passing your discount code on to friends of family, Increasing the retail price of items other than what is currently advertised on the Wedding Threads website.

To remain a re-seller your account must be active with no more than 3 months of inactivity, if your account does not remain active it will be terminated with notice and you will need to reapply for a new account.

All images and product designs remain the property of Wedding Threads at all times and are used under licence. You must display the Wedding Threads logo in all marketing and ensure the brand remains present in all communication.

Damage to the brand/reputation – Any re-seller found to be creating a bad reputation for the Wedding Threads brand by poor customer service or advertising issues will find the account removed without warning and legal proceedings commenced in relation to damages incurred to the business.

You are responsible for the marketing and order management of your account, any issues with products you can take the query and pass all information to head office or pass on the details of head office to the customer to contact us directly.

All products are drop shipped directly to your customer with full tracking details.

These terms and conditions outline the re-seller policy however are subject to change at any time, if you apply to become a re-seller the full list of terms and conditions will be sent for approval prior to account opening.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a re-seller;


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