Bridesmaid Hoodies

Bridesmaid Hoodies personalised and made especially for you and other members of your bridal party.

They are perfect for your wedding morning photographs

or as a gift to your bridesmaids, mother of the bride and others.

Made using quality materials and then personalised just for you.

Our selection of Bride Hoodies is one of the largest you will find.

As we are the leading supplier of Wedding Hoodies within the industry.

These Bridal Hoodies come in a range of sizes from size 8-18 and various colours to choose from.

We then created each design with the Bridesmaids and Bride in mind.

The Bridesmaid Hoodies are personalised with a choice of printing –

We have Beautiful Diamantes, Sparkling Glitter vinyl or plain coloured print.

You also have the option of Bridal over the head Hoodies so printing would be on the front.

Or you can have our Zipped Hoodies where printing on these is usually on the back.

Feel free to browse our full collection of Wedding Hoodies