Floral Robes

For the beautiful bride who is as delicate as a rose, we have a broad range of floral bridesmaid robes. Floral satin robe sets, floral satin robe singles, vintage robes, floral cotton robes, pretty floral ruffled robes, the Little Lovebird Collection – the choice is endless.

Furthermore, our floral robes have already turned the market upside down. All the floral kimono robes come with a matching tie belt, and you can even place an order for young girls. Bright pinks, pastel greens, vibrant blues – you name it and we have it.

Floral dressing gowns are beautiful and delicate with a unique design. Our range of floral robes has already taken the market by storm.

We also have an exclusive set of designs available each one giving you a sense of feeling gorgeousness with these floral bridesmaid robes.

Moreover, we have satin/silk & floral Bridal robes are all handmade using the finest materials to ensure a flawless finish. floral silk robes bridesmaids can treasure for years to come.

To also complement the bridal floral robe dressing gowns we have a matching chemise that can be purchased together if you wish.

Each Floral kimono robe comes with a matching tie belt and each robe is available in children’s sizes.