Bride to Be clothing

Bride to Be clothing personalised for the Bride. We have a range of bride to be pjs, bride to be Pyjamas with coordinating Team Bride Pyjamas. And Bride to be hoodies above all accessories for the Bride on her wedding day.
Wedding Threads are one of the leading suppliers in the uk for Personalised Bride & Bridesmaid dressing gowns. And ‘getting ready’ bridal robes
Here you will find every item of personalised Bride to Be clothing we do for you, getting married.
We supply personalised wedding party dressing gowns. From floral satin Bride robes to so soft lace cotton robes, Bridal Hoodies, Hen party sashes, to Bride to Bride Pyjamas.
Alongside this extensive range, we have various Bridal gifts exclusive to us.

Time to plan to buy Bride to Be clothing 

Your big day is a few months away, and you’re going crazy with all the last-minute preparations and shopping. But, here’s some awesome news. You do not need to spend time visiting shops.

Wedding Threads is the place to buy your bridal clothing and accessories. Whether it is a bridal hoodie or a bridal lingerie, we have everything in store for you. Welcome to our beautiful world of bridal clothing and accessories. We bet you’ll love it.

Stylish bridal hoodies

So if you love the casual lifestyle, we have super-stylish bridal hoodies for you. The hoodies are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. You can flaunt our bridal hoodies on vacation with your bridal team or the morning of your big day; we promise they’ll make your photographs fun. The kangaroo pouch in the front and a hidden earphone cord feed are two things that make our hoodies different from the rest. You can get them personalised for your lovely girls and yourself, as you like.

Bridal lingerie and bikinis

Get set to increase the oomph factor with our sensual bridal lingerie and swimsuits. From so sexy red wedding thongs to sensual garter belt, we have all that you have imagined for your big day. You won’t have to put a lot of efforts into seducing your groom; the lingerie will create magic on its own. Have something different in mind and are unable to find it here? Don’t lose heart – Wedding Threads will make all your dreams come true.

Bridal gym clothes

Want to share your fitness inspiration with your gym buddies? Let them read it loud on your gym vest. We’ve got all the crazy “sweating for the wedding” gym vests for beautiful brides to be. And above all they’re trending big time. Why don’t you also join the trend? We can even personalise the gym wear for your bridesmaid, maid of honour, etc.

Personalised gift boxes

Looking for decorated gift boxes to gift something special to your groom or Bridal Party? Our stunning wedding gift boxes crafted from high-quality grade card and protected by a durable coating. The ribbon tie in the front an icing on the cake and so the magnetic clasp closure makes it easy-breezy to open the box. The personalised gift boxes are available in different colours such as Silver, Pink, Baby Blue, White, and Ivory.

Bridal pyjamas and Bridal robes

Whether it is the morning of your wedding day or a weekend getaway with your bridal team, we’ll ensure that we provide you with a plethora of dressing options for all your special moments. Our bridal pyjamas and bridal wedding gown robes are selling like crazy, and above all you can get them personalised for your complete team. From velvety satin to pure cotton, you can buy the material that suits you the best. We have an endless range of designs for you, so don’t worry about looking different. Our team of designers is working day in and out to make your bridal dream a reality.