Bride and Bridesmaid satin robe – Satin Robes silky soft and satin smooth

Bride and Bridesmaid satin robe dressing gowns are a popular choice for our Bride and Grooms.

The short sleeved kimono style robes are perfect for your photographs with your bridal party and after the special day.

We have a variety of colours therefore having something for you Because we have 19 colours currently and new colours being added.

Colours available in our Bride and Bridesmaid satin robes are –

White, Ivory, Gold, Silver, Purple, Red, Coral, Mint Green, Black, Lilac, Light Pink, Fuschia Pink, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Lemon, Nude, Turquoise & Champagne.

Sizes are from size 8 to 22 and bigger sizes are available if required.

Each bridal party kimono robe comes with a matching tie belt.

Childrens matching robes are available if you click this link. Childrens robes

Colours of the Bride and Bridesmaid satin robe dressing gowns for the children are available for satin dressing gowns or White Waffle robes.

Offering you sets of Bridal Party satin robes with discounted pricing.