Why Making Personalised Pyjamas is our bag

So pyjamas they are great! Yep just fantastic… The one item of clothing you long to be in all day and hate to get out of in the morning! You can’t deny that you have a special super comfy pair of pyjamas that you can not bear to be without.

Well we love pyjamas too so much so that we have just added even more choice to our personalised pyjama section of the website (I know its great) So what could be better than your favourite pyjamas? Well obviously your personalised wedding pyjamas! I mean lets be honest these pyjamas are a statement in their own right, you could quite literally go to bed wearing these and wake up a new person… Ok not quite a new person but you could have a new name 🙂

We have personalisation that covers every eventuality, we have basically got you covered at all angels your Bridesmaids sorted, your mother of the bride no problem, your auntie Kathy (who is really your mums best friend but you have called her auntie for years) yep you guessed we have her sorted too just last week we even had a request for a ‘Bridesman’ and guess what we had that covered too!

We want to make sure you feel super comfy whether its the night of your wedding, your hen party, your honeymoon or you just chilling these pajamas will replace… yes that’s right replace your most precious go to wardrobe emergency, bad day feel goods!

So what have we added why all the fuss? we have added some great new designs floral bottoms, animal print, check and more we make a big fuss about pyjamas because they are one of lifes must have items you can’t possibly get through a pajama day wearing jeans and a tshirt can you?

So take a look here :::Yep Click Here::: at our great new items and add something special under your pillow 😉

P.S – Super comfy, slouchy pyjamas might not do it for everyone so keep your eyes peeled as we introduce our Flirtatious collection soon…

Grab your individual pyjamas here: :::Click Here:::

Treating your entourage have a look here: :::Click Here:::



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