Bridesmaid and Bridal Party Pyjamas – 5 Useful Buying Tips

Bridesmaid Pyjamas

Bridesmaid and Bridal Party Pyjamas – 5 Useful Buying Tips

Are you planning a perfect weekend getaway with your bridesmaid squad before the wedding bells ring? Well, don’t forget to pack your beautiful bridesmaid and bridal party pyjamas. From casual robes to stunning satin shorts, there are hundreds of Bridal pyjamas available on the market today. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the bride wagon and come along. We’ll give you 5 interesting tips on buying the perfect bridesmaids and bridal party pyjamas for your squad.

Think ahead

Don’t wait for the so-called “right” time. During wedding preparation, there’s nothing like the perfect time to start shopping. Your girls deserve the best, so plan ahead of time, Bridesmaid pyjamas are typically ready to wear, and so picking the perfect ones won’t consume too much time. Have all the sizes ready – bridesmaids, maid of honour, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, best man, and so on. If you have something creative in mind, you can place an order with the exact specifications. However, remember to place the orders at least three to four months before your wedding date.

Check online before you hit the market

A plethora of Bridal party pyjama designs are readily available online. We, at Wedding Threads, also have a large catalogue of bridesmaids and bridal party pyjama sets for you to explore. Most of the bridal shops will only entertain you if you have an appointment which is not the case when you’re buying online. Why hire a stylist when you can decide what’s best for your girls? Moreover, buying offline is stressful and time-consuming. So, be a smart shopper and explore the online shops. You never know, you might end up purchasing the best bridesmaid and bridal party pyjamas for your beautiful girls.

Haste makes waste – research thoroughly       

It’s always a good idea to research at your end than spending countless hours in the market and tiring your delicate feet. If you are not comfortable shopping online, you can at least look up some design ideas that you can discuss with the stylist at the bridal shop. You’ll be surprised to know that stylists too love brides who’re clear about their likes and dislikes. Research on the latest bridesmaid and bridal party pyjama styles, designs, trending colours, price range, materials, etc. This will save you tons of efforts and time.

Fix a budget and stay committed to it

As a bride, it is important to decide a price range you’re comfortable with and ensure that you stick to it. A wedding is an expensive affair. Try to budget everything and act accordingly. Don’t go by the logic which says that expensive is the best. That’s not at all true. You can buy the best bridesmaid pyjama sets at the best prices if you shop online. For instance, our best-selling sets start at £15.99. There’s nothing more disappointing than entering a bridal store and not buying something you liked because it’s outside your budget. It’s pretty disheartening. Agree?

Shop with an open mind

To make an informed purchase, it is essential to shop with an open mind. You may have loved the bridesmaid pyjama that your best friend gifted you at her wedding, but that doesn’t imply that you need to follow the same trend. You may end up buying something incredibly unique and stunning for your bridal squad. So, don’t get fixated on something you saw in your favourite magazine. Explore, explore, explore, until you find something that makes you go “WOW.”

3 best-selling Bridesmaid pyjama sets from the Wedding Threads wardrobe

If you’re planning to buy lovely bridesmaid and bridal pyjamas that will set your bridal squad apart from the rest, you’re at the right place. In this section, we’ll present before you, the top 3 trending bridesmaid and bridal pyjama sets for your gorgeous girls. The lovely pink shirts and chequered pyjama set We bet your bridesmaids will love this set! The set of cute pyjamas with bright pink bridesmaids’t-shirts is a perfect gift for your bridal squad. They’re personalised, and you can pick the colour of the t-shirt basis your choice. The t-shirts are available in three different colours – pink, black, and white. You can even buy the set for your mother, maid of honour, or best man. Isn’t it amazing?

Chic blue satin camisole set This pretty satin camisole set can be a great buy for a night before your wedding. It comes with a sexy, luxurious look and we’re sure your girls will love it. The set contains 2 pieces, and you can pick a colour of your choice. The set is available in different colours such as black, white, pink, purple, navy blue, light pink, and light blue. Personalisation option is also available.

Bridal unicorn pyjamas If you’re looking for something out of the box, that is simple and comfortable; the bridal unicorn pyjamas are all that you’ve been looking for. The 2-piece set is super-comfortable and warm and includes a stylish unicorn shirt with matching pyjamas. You can personalise the text on the backside using vinyl glitter. The set is available in different colours such as Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Black Glitter, White Glitter and Fuchsia Glitter. These are just three styles from our awesome wardrobe. Want to see more? Explore>

So, what do you think?

You can make the most of the bridesmaid and bridal pyjama buying tips that we’ve discussed in the post and pick a stylish design for your squad. Just trust your choice and instinct, we’re sure your bridal squad will love their bridesmaids’ gift!

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